Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thanks to President Obama and green jobs we now have 52 states in the USA

President Obama (leader of the regime) the them thar Democrats keep pushing the idea of green energy claiming to direct the United State towards that goal will create jobs for Americans. Really?

Examine: The Chevrolet Volt built by General Motors owned by the government (Obama) announced building a Chevrolet Volt factory in Mexico, thus creating green jobs for Mexicans. The Chevrolet volt is an electric hybrid vehicle, a green vehicle. So Mexico must be the 51st state since the regime said the green jobs were going to be created in America.

The 52nd state must be South Korea. The batteries for the Volt are being built in South Korea, creating green jobs for South Koreans who must by Obama’s reasoning be American citizens since they are getting green jobs for Americans. The batteries are being built in South Korea because the environmental rules (EPA – Environmental Protection Agency) make it too onerous to produce the batteries in the old America, the 50 states.

Welcome our new American citizens the good people of Mexico and South Korean.

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