Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sea Shepherd's hollow victory is a real victory for the Japanese mariners

The Japanese have suspended their whale hunt in the international waters of the Southern Ocean, and the coward, girly men of She Shepherd interpret this as a victory for them. In actuality it is a victory for the brave, respectful, honorable mariners of the Japanese whaling fleet. God bless them all.

She Shepherd’s reckless behavior, condoned by governments of the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Australia, endangered the lives and health of both the girly men and Japanese mariners. Japan made the decision not to jeopardize anyone’s life and suspended the hunt a month early.

She Shepherd drones all over the world are in celebration, as they see it as win in the battle to stop whaling. Really? All they did was enter a boxing ring facing an opponent who keep his arms at his side while being plummeted by She Shepherd. That’s a victory? The Japanese over the last 60 years have been passive and She Shepherd exploited that passivity for squeeze donations from suckers around the world.

During the American Revolution, George Washington and the colonist lost most of the battles, yet emerged victorious. This whaling issue is not over as the fat lady has not entered the sing her song.

She Shepherd to prove their hardiness should take this victory to the Faroe Islands this summer. Yeah right! See the people of the Faroe Islands have not been injected with passivity these past 60 years and will not enter that boxing ring with their arms at their side. The coward girly men know this.

The Japanese mariners have earned the respect of civilized people the world over for their determination not to see any harm come to human life by suspended their hunt early. She Shepherd has received the praise of children worldwide not yet mature enough to respect the safety of another’s life or another’s culture.


kujirakira said...

For some naive anti-whalers it might be a victory.
For Paul Watson this year could be a big loss. With scant film footage for his tv show, it'll be interesting to see what happens to the ratings and if AP will go along with another season.
The ball is now firmly in Japanese government's court. The praise by New Zealand and Australian governments makes it very clear that this is state-sponsored ecoterrorism. They've been playing their Japanese counterparts for fools these past 5 years, making promises to their face while shaking hands with ecoterrorists under the table.
The question is, does DPJ have any guts at all? They already botched Futenma and Senkaku Islands because of incompetence and lack of conviction.
In both of those situations there was a major chance for DPJ to do something, and instead both went about as bad as they possibly could.
This mess will end when the Japanese government stands up for the rights of their citizens. They could have saved a lot of time and effort by sending JCG any of the past 6 years, or JMSDF the past 2 years (since 2009 anti-piracy law was passed, the Prime Minister can dispatch JMSDF without consulting the Diet)
If they do that, Watson will disappear as he has with Norway, Iceland, Canada, Faroes, Costa Rica, Portugal, etc., etc., etc.
You show Watson real Authority and he runs for the hills every time.
If they can't... well,

I leave with an oldie but a goodie of the last time Watson tried to mess with Norway. This happened in 1994, he's never been back.

Keoki said...

Its so easy for you to sit back and do nothing but be nasty as your demeanor shows. It takes guts and courage to try to stop the greed and corruption. Yours is just pure hatred and your hate will eat you alive!