Wednesday, February 16, 2011

General Motors bonuses a payback to the U.A.W.

An article printed in The Dallas Morning News (DMN) reprinted from the Associated Press (AP), details bonuses being paid by Government Motors (General Motors – GM) averaging $4,000 to hourly workers.

To avoid the collapse of General Motors, the Obama regime confiscated the company via loans to keep the company afloat and saving U.A.W. (United Auto Workers union) jobs. This resulted in the government placing U.A.W. thugs and government functionaries on GM’s board of directors.

While GM still owes the government around $26 billion, they will give out bonuses to their employees. The very ones who caused the company to go bankrupt in the first place through their lavish bargaining demands via the UAW. This bonuses scheme is the Obama regime’s way of paying back the U.A.W. for their support of Democratic Party hacks.

In the same article it was reported the stock price of GM fell 16 cents. Why pay the stock holders when the regime owes its existence to the unions?

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