Sunday, February 6, 2011

112th Congress looking to repeal nationalized Healthcare

The new Republican dominated 112th Congress (House of Representatives) announced their intension to repeal national Healthcare signed into law by the Obama Regime, Nevada’s Harry Reid, and San Francisco's Nancy Pelosi (three of them thar Democrats).

The Democrats and their goose-stepping lackeys in the bias news media are claiming according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the repeal will increase the nation’s debt. Huh?

First how is anything in Washington, DC “non-partisan?” The people who make up and work at the CBO live and work in and around Washington, DC, a liberal environment. Their offices are housed in the same office building with Congressional staffers (Ford House Office Building). Non-partisan? What are they drones?

Second National Healthcare will bloat the rolls of those covered. So how by adding people to free healthcare contribute to lowering the nation’s debt? Pure rhetoric from the news media and Democrats.

Also employers are not hiring because of the looming healthcare cost to them. No new workers mean lower taxes being paid to the nation.

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