Monday, February 14, 2011

Republican Congress Budget Cuts, stand firm

The Republicans in the House of Representatives in the United States Congress have proposed 100 billion dollars in cuts to the federal budget. Good show! They finally heard the message from “We The People.”

Some of the cuts are:

- NASA – The Obama regime turned this into a Middle East outreach program
- Amtrak – Let the railroads be self-supporting as has been historic in the USA
- FDA – Who needs them? They allow tainted food into the USA from commie-led China. Plus many liberals claim they are in the pockets of the big drug companies.
- EPA – The single most important cause for manufacturing jobs leaving the USA. Now the bums are working to decrease the agriculture out put on the USA.
- Legal Aid – They use government money to file class-action law suits against the government.
- IRS - Does this one really need an explanation?
- Guarantee for new energy construction projects – If this is the way to the future, then let private enterprise invest in this boon-dongle.
- High-speed rail – The New York City subway system was built by private companies and so should this be.
- Local policing - Local policing should be paid for “locally.”
- AmeriCorps slated for elimination – A Clinton creation providing absolutely no benefit for the cost.

Republicans understand we know you may not be able to accomplish any of these cuts, just know we are delighted you are making an earnest effort to do so. Keep it up, and in two years you just may be returned.

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Tony said...

Are oil subsidies included?