Thursday, February 24, 2011

Is President Obama violating the United States Constitution?

The head of the regime President Barack Obama (Democrat) unconstitutional?

No, this has nothing to do with Obama’s birth certificate or where Obama was born. He came out of an American womb so he is an American citizen no matter where he is born. The laws addressing this issue have changed over the course of our history and one or two times after his birth. However the common denominator is the one undisputed fact: his mother was an American citizen, a constant which clearly transfer citizen to the fruit of her loins.

Mr. Obama’s question of unconstitutional performance is related to his behavior while occupying the Oval Office. The President along with Attorney General Eric Holder (Democrats) announced they will no longer defend a law signed by President Clinton, the “Defense of Marriage Act” DOMA or D.O.M.A. The legislation simplistically states marriage between opposite sex couples. Also if one state does not recognize same-sex marriages and another state does recognize such marriages, the one that does not, does not have recognizes same-sex marriages performed in other states.

A lower Federal court ruled it was unconstitutional, and the case is making its way to the Supreme Court. During which time Obama and Holder ruled it is unconstitutional per the lower court ruling.


Well a lower Federal court ruled Obama Care (Healthcare legislation) is unconstitutional, and yet the regime (President Obama) continues to implement the recent Healthcare legislation.

President Obama has two cases ruled unconstitutional, he cease to recognize one, while continuing to recognize the other, while both are headed to the Supreme Court. So is President Obama violating the Constitution by implementing one or not by implementing the other?

See every time a vote is cast for a Democrat it is a vote against the Constitution of these here United States of America. As they see the Constitution not as a tool for as an obstacle.

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