Monday, February 21, 2011

Republican legislators showing they believe in "we the people," their co...

The Republicans in Arizona pass anti-illegal immigration legislation listening to the will of the people. Democrats, the news media, and the Obama regime all condemn and attack Arizona. The Obama regime inserting itself in Arizona state politics is challenging Arizona’s law in the courts.

Wisconsin facing bankruptcy elected a Republican majority in both legislative houses, and a Republican Governor Scott Walker. They want to eliminate collective bargaining for state employees and the unions, Democrats, the news media, and the Obama regime are screaming, demonstrating, flying in out of state agitators, and busing in out of state union demonstrators.

This being done to avoid the loss of over $330 million in annual union dues. Where a good portion ends up in Democratic Party campaign funds.

Republicans in Congress voted to defund over $60 billion in the federal budget.

Wisconsin article:

Congressional defunding article:

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