Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Europe’s military, who needs it?

An article from the Los Angeles Times printed in The Dallas Morning News about Europe’s armed forces, headlined: “A united military front?”

In an effort to decrease European government spending in this era of economic stress politicians are thinking about reducing their military. They are planning on reducing billions from their military budgets due to budget deficits.

The thinking is many Europeans do not care much about what is going on outside of Europe, thus no need for large militaries. Basically they will rely even more upon the United States military umbrella. Will the USA once again be asked to resolve a military conflict in Europe?

Remember in the 1990’s during the Bosnia and Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia) the Europeans were unable to resolve and / or stop the conflict. NATO was ill-equipped without the USA. So once again the USA had to get involved to affect an end to a war in Europe.

When the next conflict arises in Europe, do not look across the pond for Uncle Sam (USA) to help. To Europe: Handle your own conflicts with your own reduced military. The suckers across the pond are tired of bailing a slothful Europe out of their conflicts.

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