Friday, October 22, 2010

A vote for a Democrat is a vote to blot the national debt

When President Barack Obama (Democrat) took office the national debt was at $10,600 trillion. Two years later President Barack Obama (Democrat) and the Democrats in Congress increased that debt by $3 trillion.

In contrast it took President Bush (Republican) eight years to increase the national debt by $4.9 trillion. This in view of the 2008 Democratic Party pronouncements and then candidate Barack Obama that they would decrease the national debit and unemployment will not raise past 7 percent. Currently the unemployment rate is nearing 10 percent with a projected national debit by 2012 to reach $16,500 trillion. Thank you Democrats!

Need a reason NOT to vote for a Democrat? How about 16,500 trillion reasons?

Before voting asks how come Democrats during the 2010 campaign season are not running on their legislative accomplishments? How come they are not boasting about passing national health care? How come they are not mentioning because of them the Bush era tax cuts will expire December 31, 2010? Instead their campaign platforms are rooted in slander of their opponents.

Basically why vote for a candidate who is ashamed of their legislative record?

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