Sunday, October 17, 2010

The flag, why the USA respect

The people of the United States have an attachment to the American flag, nicknamed: stars and stripes. This attachment can be traced to a few factors. Most school elementary children in the United States recite “The Pledge of Allegiance.” Which on the surface one many think it is a recital of allegiance to the USA, when it fact that is secondary. As “The Pledge of Allegiance,” begins with, “I pledge allegiance to the flag…..” This is recited while standing, facing the flag, with right hand over the heart.

The American flag is not folded like a towel or bed sheet in a square or rectangular shape. It is ceremoniously folded in a triangle in respect to the historical origins of the flag. The triangle is a representation of the tri-corner hat worn by the patriots in during America’s war of independence, the Revolutionary War.

The nation’s national anthem, “The Star Spangle Banner,” was written about the flag. Most nations have an anthem which signs the glory of that nation or some struggle overcame by the people of that nation. The United States national anthem is a song about our flag. It was 1814, during the war of 1812, when American poet Frances Scott Key was held for a night on a British ship in Baltimore harbor. The British was bombarding the United States fort, Fort McHenry. All through the night the British bombed the forth with rockets that burst in the air, giving proof through the night that the American flag was still flying high over For McHenry, meaning the Americans did not surrender and were hold out. In the morning by dawns early light, Mr. Key observed from the British ship the American flag still flying high, once again meaning the British were not successful. With pride for his nation, Mr. Key on the back of an envelope wrote his poem, the Star Spangled Banner. Which later was put to music (a British beer hall song), and around 1931, Congress declared the nation’s national anthem. An anthem showing pride of the flag which withstood the bombardment a testament to American resolve and fortitude.

We should fly our flag on, Memorial Day, Flag Day on June 14th, 4th of July (July 4th), Labor Day, and Veterans Day. Best of all, our flag should fly all year long.

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