Saturday, October 16, 2010

Religion & GOD

YouTuber: MrGuitarMang sent a message about a friend of his who use to identify as a Christian. When the older brother to this friend told him:

“Religion was created to keep humans in order and to keep them from thinking about questions can’t be answered”

Since hearing that from his older brother he began to question religion, and God, now identifying as an agnostic.

Yes a first religion did offer simple answers to complex question. Then later migrated to keeping people in order. However in the 21st century most mainstream religions offer guidance and advice, with no desire to control. Religious communal life has been proven to enhance one’s quality of life and health.

As for the existence of God, one would have to travel that journey with an open mind. Perhaps start with the answer to one question: where or how did the first life form come about?

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