Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sea Shepherd feud

There is a current feud taking place within the Sea Shepherd organization. Seems to be between pretend Captain Watson and Peter Bethune (who was recently on trial in Tokyo, Japan). According to reports Mr. Watson read the transcript of Bethune’s Tokyo trail and discovered while Mr. Bethune was enjoying the hospitality of the Japanese he was singing like a canary.

Apparently per the transcript Mr. Bethune claimed his actions at sea towards the Japanese whalers were a result of instructions received from Watson. The songs that Bethune was singing prompted the Japanese to file a warrant with INTERPOL for Watson. “INTERPOL” being an international police agency.

Because of these songs by Bethune, Watson threw Bethune overboard (metaphorically) dumping him from Sea Shepherd which mean he will not be able to participate in their upcoming campaign against the Japanese whalers. Meaning Bethune planned to participate in clear violation of an agreement he made with his host while in Japan (see 3rd link below).

This banishment resulted in Peter issuing an online letter concerning the deliberate sinking of the Ady Gil, their intended and approved use of a bow and arrows, and the false accusation the Japanese shot a bullet at Watson which was blocked by his bullet proof vest (see the 1st link below). Pure public relations stunts to garner donations from suckers around the world. P.T. Barnum would have loved their supporters.

According to Peter, Captain Watson has been promoted to Admiral by his minions who refer to him as “Admiral of the fleet.”

The third link below is of Captain / Admiral Watson in what is reported to be his office, with a Confederate flag, the flag of the Confederacy – CSA (United States Civil War – 1861 to 1865). Liberals (of which many are Sea Shepherd types and supporters) condemn this flag as being a flag of hate, racism, and slavery. Why would an Admiral of Sea Shepherd of Canadian origin, prominently display a flag liberals despise?

Bottom line: apparently there is no honor among thieves.

Peter Bethune’s letter:

Watson confederate flag

would not participate in future anti whaling activities:

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