Tuesday, October 12, 2010

News media bias in the USA, continues

Recently in The Dallas Morning News printed an article from the Associated Press concerning four state senators in Alabama being arrested by the FBI. They were arrested with others in reference bribery, fraud, and conspiracy charges related to legalizing gambling in that state.

This article buried on page eight was screaming out for what was left out. The article listed the four Alabama state senators, but left out their party affiliation. Which mean the news media was providing cover for the Democrats. Upon further checking, one is an Independent, one a Republican, and two are Democrats. Meaning 50% of the arrested senators are democrats. Had they been Republicans it would have been headline news on the front pages.

The four are: Harri Anne Smith - Independent, James Preuitt - Republican, Larry Means-Democrat, and Quinton Ross Jr., - Democrat.

In an attempt to warn citizens and perhaps pull the news media to the center of the political spectrum from their far left, deeply rooted bias, an organization rented some trucks to assist. The Media Research Center rented billboard trucks to circle the buildings of news organization with the following message written on the trucks: “Stop the liberal bias, TELL THE TRUTH.”

These trucks will be circling the following: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newseum, The National Press Club, and Politico.

The trucks will circle eight hours a day on week days for four weeks. Excellent effort, however doubt the message will be received within those buildings.

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