Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sea Shepherd types attack middle class workers

The Japanese whalers who board the whaling vessels for the dangerous and frigid waters of the Southern Ocean are like whalers the world over. They are family men of the middle to lower middle class. They go whaling to earn income to provide for their families. They pay mortgages, provide food and clothing for their children, and send their children to school. They also save to send their children to university and save for a pension for their retirement.

While in the dangerous waters of the Southern Ocean earning a living to provide for their families, over the horizon comes the rust bucket, garbage scow of Sea Shepherd filled with the children of the rich to harass hard working middle class whalers.

The Bluefin tuna fishermen of Malta also trying to provide for their families have to endure harassment from Sea Shepherd types from Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd. Rich children playing a dangerous game trying to prevent Maltese fishermen a means to provide for their families.

The people of the Faroe Islands are fortunate to have the whales swim into their fjords to be harvested resulting in the feeding of hundreds on the islands for months. Once again middle class people being harassed by Sea Shepherd.

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Excellent article on the Faroe Islands whaling and daily life:

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