Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ever wonder why they hate us?

After 9/11 happened many pundits in the bias news media kept asking, “Why do they hate us?”  These self-appointed elitist returned a number of reasons.  There is one reason that rarely made the top ten of these list, while in the Middle East it is among perhaps the top three.  That is the exporting of American culture.  This culture they find offensive and impacting their youth with harm to their culture is the filth exporting by the pervert thespians in Hollywood as being main stream. 

Many youth around the world view these films exported by Hollywood as something to mimic to be part of popular culture.  A degrading fashion coming out of America is something called “sagging” or “sagger.”  Where the youth expose their skivvies (underwear) in public to the horror of decent folks.  This form of debauchery many in other nations find it as a continue debasing of the culture. 
A recent example as noted in this video took place in Haiti where a young person was photographed in the news exposing his desire to mimic the filth exporting from America.

Many young people in America are exhibiting their fondness for displaying their skivvies in public.  They wear their pants so low, in come cases below their butt to expose their revolting underwear to the public in general.  Decent people have absolutely zero desire to view their skivvies in public.  This degenerate fashion originated in our prison systems.  There it is desirable to wear their pants low thus making it easier to have themselves raped and violated.  It is a disgusting fashion statement.

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