Monday, October 18, 2010

Early voting, vote the bums out

Early voting started in Texas as allowed in approximately in 34 states. We must urge like-minded voters to exercise the franchise and vote. In this election cycle Democrats from dog catcher to Senator need to be voted out of office. They need to be punished for the sins against our Republic perpetrated by Democrats in Washington, DC. Basically throwing the baby out with the bath water.

The Democrats have allowed the Bush tax cuts to expire, meaning come January 1, 2011, the nation will experience the largest tax increase since the Second World War (for the USA 1941 to 1945). Plus the Democrats in Washington, DC have hijacked the medical industry with their oppressive health care legislation passed by Congress and signed by President Obama.

Business all across the United States are not hiring and working their current employees to work excessive hours. They are not hiring fearing the huge tax increases and punishment from the health care bill effective January 1, 2011. Because of this tax and health care issue, the Democrats have buried the American economy. For their morbid behavior they need to pay by being tossed out of office.

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