Monday, October 4, 2010

Democrat slander and news media attack dogs

Democrats are worried about their faith in the upcoming Congressional elections. To avoid a rout they will employ a time-honored Democrat tactic: Slander and mudslinging. The politics of destruction and personal attacks.

Them thar Democrats have hired legions of investigators to dig up dirt and slander on their Republican opponents. The Democrats are trying to avoid running on the issues and their legislative accomplishments, knowing the majority of Americans find both to be repugnant. To deflect from their legislative record, they will turn the attention to fabricated slander on Republicans. With their willing goose-stepping accomplices in the defunct news media, the mudslinging should come easy.

The New York State governor’s race is a good illustration of the news media disgusting behavior to help their overlords in the Democratic Party. The race is between Democrat Andrew Cuomo, and Republican Carl Pasquale Paladino.

At a news conference with Carl Paladino the subject of his 10-year old daughter, born out of wedlock, came up. Previously is was reported a photographer for The New York Post took photos of this 10-year old through her bedroom window while she was exercising. At the news conference Mr. Paladino warned reporters to stay away from his 10-year old daughter, stating: “You send another goon to my daughter's house and I'll take you out, buddy.” Bravo for Carl Paladino! What father would not do or say the same to defend his 10-year old daughter?

The news media stated is should not have been an issue because the photographs were not published. What kind of perverted attempt at reasoning is that? To cover for this disgusting act by the news media, the news media is in full attack mode on Carl Paladino. We know who to vote for by voting for those the news media attacks.

Remember to vote come this Election Day, November 2, 2010 – Free America Day.

A rousing defeat for the Democrats will also be a rousing defeat for their loyal defenders, the news media.

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