Thursday, September 2, 2010

U.S. tax money for foreign mosques?

Conservative talk radio and the blogosphere has been alive recently with talk about President Obama along with madam Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Bill’s wife), have been funneling tax payer money to build and /or restore Muslim mosque in foreign countries.

Rather curious as to why the liberals in the USA have not been screaming “separation of church and state.” Perhaps because the money was not being spent on Christian churches, the liberals were silent. WRONG!

Checking further came across U.S. State Department PDF file listing the money spent in a special program. Upon examining this file, not only were foreign mosque receiving U.S. tax money (or Chinese money routed via the USA), but also on the list were Christian sites and one Buddhist site.

Money went to Muslim sites in Mauritania, Nigeria, China, and Pakistan. Christian sites, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, and Turkey. Plus one Buddhist temple in China. $237,254 for Muslim sites, $1,029,911 for Christian sites, and $43,988 for the lone Buddhist site.

Still where are the liberals screaming “separation of church and state?” With a bankrupt USA can we afford such an expenditure?

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