Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sea Shepherd tribute

This is a tribute to Sea Shepherd using a composite of drawings used in previous Sea Shepherd videos, mostly posted to the other channel: PropagandaBuster.

Sea Shepherd and their types have caused mischief and illegal activities harassing the Japanese whalers, the working people of Taiji Japan, Canadian seal hunts, the Faroe Islands, and boast about sinking Norwegian whaling vessels. They continue to harass and place in danger honest, hardworking people, so they can garner donations from suckers around the world who are emotional wrecks. Basically these emotional wrecks are being exploited.

Artist renderings by pretend Tony aka: PropagandaBuster. The renderings are

offered purely as a spoof using childlike artistry to mock the childish behavior of Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd. Drawings created using Microsoft PAINT.

1 comment:

starbird said...

You're still ugly inside and out.

Stupid to boot.

Does it make your pee pee seem longer when you belittle a group that does more in a week than you have done in your hole life?

How sad you are so insecure with your littleness and must go after those who have more conviction, brains, courage, insight, compassion and heart than your sad little self can conceive of.

Your lack of understanding tells of your dysfunctional upbringing and your ego need to wear a hat.

Sheesh... you are really a piece of non-redeemable protoplasm.