Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Democrats the Dream Act and Don't Ask Don't Tell

The U.S. Senate addressing an appropriation bill for the USA military defeated an attempted hijacking by the leadership of the Democratic Party in the Senate.

The legislation was to provide money for the USA military and a pay raise for them. The Democrats attached a provision that would have ended “Don’t ask don’t tell.” Such a provision had no place being attached to an appropriation bill. The Democrats also attached the “Dream Act,” and a revision to that act.

The “Dream Act” provided for the children of illegal immigrants brought into the USA while under age 15. If when attaining the age to join the USA military they join and serve honorable, they get permanent residence status on the road to full citizenship. The Democrats then expanded to also mean those attending college without ever serving in the military.

The bastardization of the Dream Act by the Democrats and the inclusion to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was defeated by 49 Republicans and 2 Democrats in the Senate. This was another shameless attempt by the Democrat leadership to politicize the military. The leadership of the Democratic Party has only one loyalty, and that is to the Democratic Party, not to the United States of America.

Remember come this Election Day, better known as “Free America Day” on November 2, 2010, we need to vote these bums out.

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CatMan said...

Just another example of what ObamaNation is trying to do to our country. Thank goodness we have enough Republicans and a few Democrats who stood up and defeated this bill. We have no problem with supporting out troops and giving them a pay raise but not when it requires provisions like the DREAM Act. Visit for other opinions on this administration.