Saturday, September 25, 2010

Japan China a diplomatic coup?

If you are not aware of the recent diplomatic turmoil between Japan and China of the arrest of a Chinese fishing vessel captain, please view the below video:

Due to the commies in Beijing behaving like rabid dogs as communist are known to, Japan released the Chinese fishing vessel from custody. The central government in Tokyo claims that decision was made by the authorities in Okinawa where the captain was in custody.

The commies not satisfied with that, are now seeking an apology from Japan over the incident. See, commies are never satisfied. To the people of Japan, fear not as you still live in a magnificent country to be very proud of. In Japan as in the USA and many democracies around the world from time to time politicians attain office who seem to insult the nation by their actions. Beauty of it is, they can and should be voted out of office. God bless the ballot box, the weapon of choice in civilized societies.

The commies in Beijing through their lunatic behavior in this situation actually did a favor for the USA. Thank you Beijing! Because of their behavior other nations in Asia who thought it possible to seek closer relations with China vs. the USA, now realize their best interest is with the USA and not with commies. The Democratic Party of Japan – DPJ, was one time considering closer ties with China as oppose to the USA. Since this situation the DPJ is viewing the USA as the good friend and ally the USA is to Japan and many democracies in Asia.

Perhaps now the people in Okinawa can appreciate the security of housing around 35,000 Americans in uniform in their island. Over all, life is good in Japan and this one incident should not serve to discourage any citizen in Japan as to their loyalty and love for their nation. Perhaps now is the time to have a rational national discussion in Japan concerning Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution.

Believe it or not, bad things to happen to good people. Good people use such an experience to make them stronger. Smile, life is good.

The four Fujita Corp employees held captive by the commies in China, accused of entering a military zone in Hebei Province:

Yoshiro Sasaki – 44 years old

Hiroki Hashimoto – 39 years old

Sadamu Takahashi – 57 years old

Junichi Iguchi – 59 years old


reiko said...
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reiko said...

On September 7, Chinese fishing boat was found violated Japanese territorial waters near the Senkaku Islands. The Japan Coast Guard patrol boats announced
warnings but the fishing boat not only ignored them but also repeated dangerous
actions and even collided to the patrol boat. The ship was detained and the captain was arrested.
Against this happening PRC government issued a strong protest to the Japanese
government. Their ground for the protest is that the Senkaku Islands belong to
their territory. But this is completely baseless. Until 1968 when the UN Asian
Far East Committee announced the possibility of a treasure trove of oil and natural gas under the continental shelf of that area, PRC had been
admitting the Islands' territorial domination of Japan.
Takahana paper in the address below shows incontrovertible evidences on this