Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chinese fishing vessel rams Japanese patrol boat

Located between Taiwan, China, and Japan (Okinawa) are a group of islands called Senkaku or Diaoyu. This group of islands are disputed as to their sovereignty between the three nations. Recently a Chinese fishing vessel (Minjinyu 5179) was the area of islands when the vessel came upon two Japanese patrol boats. The Japanese advised the fishing vessel to leave the area. In reply the Chinese fishing vessel taking a cue from Sea Shepherd, rammed one of the Japanese patrol boats, Ishigaki Island.

The fishing vessel was taken into custody along with the 14 sailors and the captain, Captain Zhan Qixiong. Soon afterwards the Japanese released the vessel and the 14 sailors. The captain still remains in Japanese custody for further questioning.

The geo-politics of the situation is rather tenuous with relationship to these remote islands. Since both Taiwan and China both claim the islands belong to them, it is in Beijing’s interest to keep the situation active as it then gives both Taiwan and China a common interest and goal. This with the backdrop of a possible reunification between the two.

In 1972 when the USA turned Okinawa back over to Japan, the USA agreed to help protect the territorial integrity of Japan, including the disputed islands.

Rather pathetic the Chinese captain of the fishing vessel selected to employ a tactic from Sea Shepherd, thus creating a volatile situation in Asia. Perhaps the next time in order to avoid being detained, the Chinese captain may want to borrow Sea Shepherd Captain Kangaroo’s pretend law-enforcement badge. Incidentally the USA Navy and Japanese Navy are scheduled to conduct joint naval exercise in the waters near the disputed islands.

Condolences to Captain Zhan Qixiong, his 85 year old grandmother passed away upon hearing the news of this detention.

Drawings created using Microsoft PAINT. Video footage and photo courtesy of the Institute for Ceatacen Research.

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Nob said...

Thanks for treating this case.
Senkaku islands are Japan's islands since 1895. China claims sovereignty that since 1971 because of a gas resources.I hate shameless Chinese and The weak-kneed democratic Party of Japan. We Japanese want the prime minister to be resolute in the matter.

RF said...

Well, Beijing used every threat in the book on this one... suspending high-level diplomatic relations; halting (albeit unofficially) exports of rare earth to Japan; hinting they could buy up Yen to drive up its exchange rate; canceling Chinese group tours to Japan (to hit its tourist industry); and as the icing on the cake, detaining four Japanese nationals for taking photos in a restricted area. I don't know how far they are willing to go, but hopefully they'll stop short of taking Senkaku (and all the gas and fish that comes with it) by force.