Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ZakZak column in English

Here is my first column to appear on the Japanese website: ZAKZAK.  It is written in Japanese on that site, here it is in English:

Tony’s introduction:

Howdy partners, that is Texas talk for “hello.”  My YouTube name is “PropagandaBuster,” I am known in Japan as “Texas Daddy,” however my name is Tony.  Recently with the benevolence of the publisher Asuka Shinsha I authored a book / DVD titled, “The Speeches of Texas Daddy.”  That is me kids!

I am a guessing (more Texas talk), my popularity in Japan stems from my defense of Japan’s culture to harvest whales.  The whales who spoil children in the West classify as intelligent.  These intelligent mammals who regularly commit suicide by cluttering beaches around the world with their carcasses.

It was my reply to the girly-men cowards of that eco-terrorist, culinary imperialist Sea Shepherd, headed by that criminal Captain Kangaroo and his pink panty wearing side-kick Cabin boy, which caused a storm of delight among the Japanese Internet population. 

The videos I posted on YouTube in defense of Japan, while degrading and pointing out the flaws in Sea Shepherd’s hallucinations took off like a prairie fire (more Texas talk).  I am a proud American who finds the negative behavior of Sea Shepherd and their types via “Whale Wars” and the “The Cove” to be indefensible.  More Texas talk: “lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut.”

I am honored and humbled ZAKZAK has invited me to write columns for their website.  In these columns I hope to have the opportunity to express America’s love and respect for Japan.  The people of Japan have over the years been a strong reliable friend and ally.  It is for this I continue to defend Japan against girly-men Sea Shepherd types.  Another Texas saying, “We are mighty beholding to ya.”

I have never traveled to Japan or Asia, yet because of all the warm messages I have received from the people in Japan and my dealings with the publisher Asuka Shinsha, I have the feeling of “la famiglia,” that is not Texan, but Italian for family.    

Future columns I will explore various topics, issues, and people of interest to the readers in Japan.  Through such writings hopefully you will be able to gain a greater understanding into the thoughts and views of your nation from a guy like me, across the Pacific.

I find your culture to be interesting, if not refreshing and admirable.  My desire is this will come across in my columns.  Together our two nations have to address the expanding military threat from the commies in The Middle Kingdom, China, and that nut in The Hermit Kingdom, North Korea.  We can accomplish this through a strong mutual friendship, which I hope these columns would be beneficial for both our nations.

Thank you, God bless you, God bless America, and God bless Japan. 

Here is the link to the website:

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