Monday, September 27, 2010

Extremes in liberalism and animal rights run amuck


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Five news articles from The Dallas Morning News (DMN) discussed:

Houston mother and unborn child stabbed to death repeatedly. Murder being charged in the death of the mother and unborn child. If the child was murdered through an abortion, it child would have been reduced to a fetus by the news media. Since it was a murder of the mother also, the murdered child was elevated to an unborn child.

Political correctness continues to pollute. The USA government will no longer use the term, “mental retardation.” Instead Congress passed a measure changing it to “an individual with an intellectual disability.” The language continues to be commandeered by lunatic liberals inflected with political correctness. The legislation was sponsored by Democrat from Maryland, Barbara Mikulski along with Republican from Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi. See both political parties have the same depravity.

Animal rights groups in Spain succeeded in banning bull fights in one region of Spain. Not satisfied with this success, they continue their assault upon humans. In July the Catalonia region banned bullfighting. September, 2010 they also banned “correbous.” The tradition where bulls chase human idiots in through the streets. The bulls have attached to their horns short sticks with flaming wax or fireworks. The fear is according to the news article is the bulls “might” plunge into the sea and led back to land. Huh?

Chimps in New Mexico at a biomedical research lab at Holloman Air Force Base were to be transferred to a research facility in Texas. Democrat governor of New Mexico would prefer to keep the chimps at their current facility in New Mexico and converted it into a chimpanzee sanctuary. This would prevent the chimps from being used for research. Had these people been around during the early days of the USA space program the USA would never have landed on the moon. Because in the early days of the program numerous monkeys were blasted into space.

Pennhurst State Hospital (asylum) in Pennsylvania has been closed and abandoned for more than 20 years. Recently an investor group purchased the facility with the intention of converting one of the buildings into a haunted house. Mental health advocates (Pennhurst Memorial and Preservation Alliance and ARC of Philadelphia) are trying to block this development. Another incident of liberals trying to tell others what they can and cannot do with their private property.

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