Sunday, September 19, 2010

A message to the Republican Party leadership

Please be advised Republican / Democrats one snake with two heads. With this in mind please understand why in this upcoming election (Free America Day, November 2, 2010) we conservatives and Tea Party supporters will vote Republican, is because the Republican Party is currently not infected with the leadership of the Democratic Party. The leadership of the Democratic Party in the last ten years or so has behaved seditiously, if not treasonous.

The Tea Party movement is an attempt to cleanse the Republican Party of stealth Democrats in Republican clothing (RINO = Republican In Name Only). We are demanding the Republican Party after this election decrease taxes, decrease the size of the federal government, and maintain a fidelity to the United States Constitution (“We the People”). Current day Democratic Party leadership has demonstrated a total disregard to this foundational document.

The Muslims have their Koran, the Jews the Torah, Christians the Bible, all of whom harbor a profound reverence, passion, and fidelity towards these holy books. The Constitution is not a holy document / book; however the passion to maintain the fidelity to the Constitution is the same.

Republicans if you ignore our demands, (that is right “demand” not request), you will be thrown on the scrap heap of history and a third political party will emerge surpassing your defunct party in membership, support, and electability. Ignore us at your political peril.


Anonymous said...

The Brown Shirts have spoken

Anonymous said...

The Brown Shirts have spoken. Remember what happened to them, don't you?