Saturday, September 4, 2010

Democratic Party in Japan & USA of the same DNA

The Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and the Democratic Party of the USA (DNC) must be of the same lineage as their DNA must match up. Three examples to support this supposition:

1) The Democrats in Japan (DPJ) want to award suffrage to non-citizens by giving them the franchise to vote. The idea is to allow those non-citizens who are permanent residents to vote in Japanese elections.

While their counterparts in the USA, the Democratic Party (DNC) was to grant amnesty to those in the USA illegally, putting them on the road to full citizenship which would then grant them the right to vote. Democrats USA want to make illegal’s, legal, so they can eventually vote. Democrats Japan was non-citizens to vote while still remaining non-citizens.

2) The Democrats in Japan it is alleged accepted campaign donations from dead people. Apparently in Japan when a Democrat dies they are able to take it with them so they can donate it back.

While in the USA, the Democratic Party allows dead Democrats to continue to vote. Japanese Democrats can contribute money after death, while Democrats USA can vote from the grave.

3) The Democrats of Japan seem to have a love affair with the communist in China. While Democrats in the USA do not have to go to another nation to manifest their love affair with communist. Democrats USA have enough domestic communist to satisfy their leftist urges.

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