Friday, February 13, 2009

A Young Marine attacked by political correctness in Colorado

Liberalism is a mental disorder has manifested itself in the form of political correctness promoting zero tolerance in Aurora, Colorado (CO). Appearing on the front page of The Washington Post was an article about Miss Marie Morrow.

Miss Morrow is a senior at Cherokee Trail High School in the Cherry Creek Schools District in Colorado. The school officials discovered some dummy rifles in Miss Morrows vehicle which was parked in the schools parking lot. These fake, inoperable, dummy rifles were there because Miss Morrow, who happens to have a 3.5 grade average, is a leader of a drill team she belongs to. Which is a part of the Douglas County Young Marines, and had a drill team practice after school.

All this mean nothing to the Stalinist as the school. They slammed Miss Morrow with a ten (10) day suspension claiming they were enforcing state law which demands zero tolerance in respect to weapons or a facsimile of such on school grounds. These Gestapo like enforces of this law were totally void of human discretion. Enforcing an idiotic state law as such can be accomplished by a trained animal or robot, which is why we have humans instead. As they are expected to exercise discretion in the enforcement of rules and laws.

Miss Morrows career goal was to attend the United States Merchant Marine Academy in New York State. Such a suspension could torpedo this goal; however the leftist at the school found this of no concern. The young ladys future was subverted by this gang in order to advance their continued promotion of political correctness and indoctrination of our youth.

However their vile plans were foiled as Miss. Morrow already secured her Congressional appointment to the Merchant Marine Academy. The school officials behaved no better than Code Pink pinkos. These despicable Stalinist must be defeated as they continue their assault upon our youth, anything patriotic, and our military.

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