Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sea Shepherd confronts Soviets near Siberia and denied beached whales in Tasmania

During a telephone conversation on a Japanese television show, Sea Shepherds Captain Kangaroo states they confronted the Soviet whalers in 1981. On the Sea Shepherds website there is a mention of this incident:

Look at the below link, under 1981, July August:


There is not independent confirmation about this incident except for a message received some months ago by a person in either Finland or Sweden. This message told of the Sea Shepherds garbage scow confronting the Soviets. The Soviets (The Evil Empire, the old Soviet Union before Communism collapsed in Europe) somehow flung an anchor from their ship landed on the deck of the Sea Shepherds garbage scow; cause the anchor to crash through the deck, but not the hull. The girly men in their then left the area and have not returned since. This one incident illustrated how one can pass over the line from bravery to stupidity.

Recently it has been reported of a number of beach whales on the island of Tasmania, Australia. Sea Shepherd contacted the local authorities offering to send two or three of their members to assist in the rescuing of these beached whales. The local authorities respectfully declined the offer. This resulted in a serious condemnation of the Tasmanian authorities by Sea Shepherd. Remember now, around this time the Japanese government requested that Australia deny Sea Shepherd entry into port to refuel. The Australian government declined the request by the friendly government and allowed Sea Shepherd to refuel their garbage scow. Then Sea Shepherd berates the Tasmanian authorities because of the beached whales. Gratitude by liberals.

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