Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mob rule in the United Kingdom causes Geert Wilder to be thrown out of the UK

There is a Dutch member of Parliament named Geert Wilder. Apparently Mr. Wilder is on trail in The Netherlands for a video he produced which was critical of a major religion on the rise in Europe (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK). For offending this particular religion Mr. Wilder in on trail in The Netherlands.

The upper house of the British Parliament, called the House of Lords, similar to the United States Senate which is the upper house of the American Congress, invited Mr. Wilder to show his video to them. Mr. Wilder flys to London and is stopped at the airport by the British government and refused entry into the United Kingdom. The government said Mr. Wilder threatens community harmony and therefore public safety.
The Dutch ambassador tried to intervene stating Mr. Wilder is an elected member of the Dutch Parliament a member nation of the European Union and is entitled to travel freely to any member nations. The British authorities stood their ground and refused to allow Mr. Wilder to enter.

According to reports this major religion which was offended by Mr. Wilders video told the British government if they allowed him entry into the UK, there would be massive demonstrations involving thousands and perhaps may result in riots. Thus causing the British government to collapse to mob rule and subvert free speech by blocking Mr. Wilder.

What is very curious is a few years back a musician/singer named Rodney Price better known as Bounty Killer is reported to have said once, faggots, I kill every one of them. He had no problem entering Britain to perform in a concern. Perhaps the gays in the UK did not threaten civil disobedience.

Also a few years ago British theaters in the name of free speech did not block the airing of a movie titled, Death of a President. This was a movie about assassinating President Bush. Perhaps if President Bush would have threatened to riot in the streets of London, the movie would have been blocked.

Here is a link to a few good videos by two citizens of the United Kingdom in reference to the Geert Wilder incident:

This video serves as a warning to the people of the United States as further proof of the evils of political correctness with its origins in Stalins reign of terror.

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