Monday, February 9, 2009

The Golden Rule does not apply to Sea Shepherd as they run away sacred

The Golden Rule, rudimentary being:

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Yeah, right, not when it comes to extreme liberals committing acts of terrorism. The international vagabonds living off the donations from suckers around the world, better known as Sea Shepherd have been complaining. They are complaining that the Japanese mariners on the ships of the Japanese whaling fleet have been throwing bloody whale blubber onto the deck of the rust bucket garbage scow belonging to Sea Shepherd. This accusation is interesting for a number of reasons:

1) If Sea Shepherd did not sail menacingly and dangerously close to the Japanese whaling fleet they would not be within throw range.

2) Did the girly men forget their boastful antic of throwing rotting butter (acid) in glass bottles onto the decks of the Japanese whaling ships?

3) So by Sea Shepherd complaining about the Japanese throwing items onto their ship, are they admitting throwing objects from one ship to another is wrong, thus admitting the past behavior as being wrong?

4) The news media outlets which reported this complaint by Sea Shepherd did not bother to report Sea Shepherd engaged in the same behavior.

5) By Sea Shepherd complaining about objects being thrown from one ship to another further illustrated that liberalism is a mental disorder. Liberals want the freedom to behave as they wish, while at the same time denying others to behave the same.

The best is the girly men of Sea Shepherd have called off their harassment of the Japanese whalers and they left the area. Rumor has it that the Japanese are sending a security vessel with a boarding party. The girly men are scared the boarding party will board their garbage scow and confiscate their videos. Why? Why do the Japanese need girl-men video when they have their own clearly showing the guilt of Sea Shepherd? The Sea Shepherd children are just using that as an excuse to cover their cowardly behavior. It was okay for the girly men of Sea Shepherd to illegally board the Japanese whaling ship during the last whaling season. However it is not okay for Sea Shepherds rust bucket garbage scow to be boarded by the Japanese.

This is typical liberal behavior proving once again that liberalism is a mental disorder due to their double standard hypocrisy. Then next time you hear the cackling of chickens you are actually hear the call of the Sea Shepherd. Sea Shepherd ran from the Soviets, ran from the people of Faroe Islands, ran from the French in the Saint Lawrence Seaway, now are running from a rumor.

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Mark said...

When there are signs all around you of what is going wrong with the planet and the greed of the human race. You choose to not see the obvious.

A materialistic and stomach run society, creating unhealthy minds and bodies who preach this rubbish to our children so creating obesity in both mind and body to the point that it affects the soul.

Conservatives = people who care, on paper, about others in our world community as long as you:
1) Do not disagree with a conservative view.
2) As long as it doesn’t affect them in anyway (recycling newspapers is manageable.)
3) Make sure that the caring doesn’t cost too much, effect the balance of payment figures, coffee and petrol prices.

Onwards and downwards with a stiff upper lip.
Throughout history, progress in society comes from radical thinking (thinking outside the square). Radical is a dirty word to conservatives (REGRESSIVES), a concept that their narrow minded brains are incapable of grasping.
Scare people in thinking that, all that is really free of constraint is bad. Persecute those who dare to enter into that realm.
Come down hard on everything is the only answer. Everything must have a name, it’s place and be controlled. And it’s all done in the name of God. A nice bearded white conservative man who will punish those without conservative views.

Now that’s progress, like it or lump it!