Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Japanese Whalers defend themselves while the world press twists the truth the media lied!

Once again the garbage scow, the Steve Irwin of Sea Shepherd launched an unprovoked childish eco-terrorist attack upon the Japanese whaling fleet. To prevent illegal boarding by the girly men of the Sea Shepherd the Japanese had to protect their ships with netting. In addition they used water cannons to continuously spray water to protect their ships from all sides. While water cannons were discharging huge amounts of water, the Sea Shepherd children in rubber rafts sailed directly under the water cannons. Once soaked and knocked about, they accused the Japanese of attacking them with water cannons. The videos clearly show Sea Shepherds rubber rafts sailing directly into the discharging water cannons looking to accept the consequences of their childish behavior.

Since a most of the girly men care children the Japanese employed a device which emits hi-frequency sound waives which can only be heard by those less than 30 years of age, and is extremely irritating to them. This device is used in the front of some shops who do not want teenagers congregating outside their shops.

Now these hi-frequency sound waves have a short range. Meaning one would have to be menacingly close to the Japanese ship to be impacted by the sound waves. If Sea Shepherd did not want to get soaked with water, they should not have sailed under the water cannons. If the girly-men did not want to have their childish ears offended by the hi-frequency sound waives, they should not have sailed menacingly close to the Japanese whaling ships. Their getting wet and ears offended was a direct consequence to their illegal and dangerous behavior.

The crew claimed the whalers used sound guns to disorient and harm them. Their claim is baseless and distorted. However the world news media without any attempt at confirmation ate up the propaganda issued by Sea Shepherd without bothering to get confirmation from Japan. Here are some of the slanted and bias news headlines by various news organizations on their websites:

"Whalers accused of noise warfare"
"Two Sea Shepherd activists injured by whaler violence"
"Whalers attacked us with sound guns claim conservationists"
"Whalers launch attack in Antarctic"
"Whalers Fend off Sea Shepherd with Hi-Tech Acoustic Weapons"

Sea Shepherd has posted numerous videos on YouTube clearly showing their children willingly sailing into the discharge from the water cannons. Just type in YouTubes search: Sea Shepherd. Then sort by date.

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