Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stimulus, speaking ill of President Obama, and the bias news media

On the front page of The Dallas Morning News appeared an editorial masquerading as a news article, which was reprinted from The Washington Post, and The Associated Press. The article / editorial addressed the Stimulus Package currently being debated in the United States Senate (Congress). There was one word in this lengthily article which converted from a news article to an editorial. That word being, "moderate." The article read that moderate Democrats were voting for the Stimulus Package.

Meaning moderates support the Stimulus Package, thus reasonable thought would have it those who oppose this legislation must be extremist. The word "moderate" was inserted purely to influence and guide thought which should have been on the editorial page, not the front page.

In this same issue buried a few pages back was an article titled, "Bush aides speaking ill of Obama." The article detailed how once members of President Bush's administration are critical of President Obama. The Dallas Morning News seems to forget that on the very first day President Bush took office, and for all the eight years afterwards, the political left, the Democrats, and the pervert thespians in Hollywood made an industry out of criticizing President Bush.

Historically presidents have enjoyed the first 100 days of their administration free from opposition criticism. However the fore mention groups did not permit President Bush that luxury. Now they are crying foul when a much milder form of criticism is placed upon the anointed one, the Messiah, President Barack Obama.

A few days later after The Dallas Morning News article, the United States Senate passed the Stimulus Package with only three republicans voting in favor of it. Once again The Dallas Morning News reported those three Republicans were moderates further pushing the idea those Republicans who opposed the Stimulus must then be extremist. At least The Dallas Morning News is consistence in their promotion of Democratic Party propaganda.

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