Saturday, February 21, 2009

Australia honors Japan's request and Sea Shepherd gets boarded

The Sea Shepherd's garbage scow Steve Irwin called off their terroristic harassment of the Japanese whaling fleet. Sea Shepherd claimed they heard a rumor that the Japanese had another ship in route with a security team on board. This security team was rumored by Sea Shepherd was to board the garbage scow and confiscate their videos. In order to prevent the Japanese boarding team from doing this, Sea Shepherd called off their harassment and fled like girly men.

The girly men headed for Tasmania, Australia. When they arrived they were met by the Australian Federal Police with a search warrant. The Australian government was honoring a request by the Japanese government. The AFP (Australian Federal Police) confiscated the garbage scow's log, and videos, also videos once belonging to the video crew of Animal Planet.

When Sea Shepherd's rust bucket recently rammed and purposely slammed into the Japanese whaling ship in the open frigid waters of the Antarctic, it was caught on video, by the Japanese. This video clearly showed Sea Shepherd's terrorist, childish, and dangerous activities on the high seas. This left the Australian government no choice but to honor the request of the Japanese government, because no civilized government could ignore what Sea Shepherd did on that video tape. Sea Shepherd: you soiled your skivvies when you joyfully rammed into that Japanese whaling ship.


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Sea Shepherd - Faking Eco News for Eco Dollars?

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