Friday, February 6, 2009

Sea Shepherd purposely and illegally rams and slams into a Japanese ship

The rust bucket, garbage scow belonging to Sea Shepherd purposely committed a hostile and belligerent maneuver by ramming into a Japanese whaling ship. In an effort to cover up their illegal ramming, they issued communiqu├ęs calling it a collision. They used the excuse they were protecting whales already harpooned and dead.

The shameless news media in Australia in the finest tradition of a politically correct bias news media reported and defended Sea Shepherds illegal activity. Due to their bias reporting, the Australian news media has surpassed the American news media as being the worlds number one slanted and bias news media which renders them totally worthless. Also in this incident the news media of New Zealand is second behind the Australian news media in proving their bias.

The government of Japan sheepishly filed a complaint with the government of Australia and The Netherlands. Why is the Japanese government allowing this belligerent behavior and insult to their nation? Events like this only cause Japan to be mocked and ridiculed for their unwillingness to defend their shipping. Where is the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force JMSDF? Oh they are preparing to combat pirates of the Somalia coast. Pirates who have not interfered with any Japanese shipping. Yet they allow this hostility upon their nation. Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution does not prohibit a defensive action. If it did, then there would be no Japanese Self Defense Force. Since there is one, then that means it is constitutional to defend the nation of Japan and their shipping.

Here are some of the shameless headlines appearing in the Australian news media:

"Protesters collide with harpoon boat"
-The Dominion Post, New Zealand

"Shepherd, whale ship collide"
-The Canberra Times, Australia

"Whale crusaders on collision course"
-Daily Telegraph, Australia-

"Whaleboat collides with protesters"
-WA today, Australia-

Notice how according to the media it was a collision and not a ramming, for which it was?

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Kathleen said...

Great work Sea Shepherd and Capt. Watson. A fine ship and a heroic crew...fight on for the oceans. You are doing this for all of us, including blog-masters sitting behind a computer. Time and history will reveal the strength of your vision and the short-sighted,greediness of a whale-whacking nation such as Japan.