Friday, August 15, 2008

Xingiang Provence or East Turkestan in western China

Recently there was an article in The Dallas Morning News concerning the execution of people planning to carry out bombings of civilian buses. They were executed by firing squad. The government bused in thousands of students and office workers. This region was once known as East Turkestan and was an Islamic republic. When in 1949 the communist moved in and acquired the region changing the name to Xingiang Province. Some consider the province China's other Tibet. It is reported people under the age of 18 are prohibited from participating or learning the Muslim religion. The Weghur are the ethic majority fast becoming a minority as Beijing is moving in thousands of Han Chinese. The region is rich in gas and oil.

Now a terrorist who calls himself Commander Seyfullah ("dirty underpants") posted a video on YouTube. This terrorist promised bombings and disruption of the Beijing Olympics. These girly-men terrorist need to understand once they employ their 7th century tactics in the 21st century, they lose any legitimacy their cause may have had. The murder and killing of innocent civilians by cowards wearing mask is never accepted.

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