Monday, August 25, 2008

Kobe Bryant

Basketball athlete Kobe Bryant of the Lose Angeles Lakers fame represented the United States of America (USA) at the 2008 Olympics. During this time Mr. Bryant was interviewed by NBC correspondent Chris Collinsworth or Cris Collinsworth or Collingsworth. Mr. Bryant expressed his pride and patriotism to be on the American team. Which caused bewilderment on the part of Mr. Collinsworth as patriotism seems to be an alien concept to this member of the American news media. However Mr. Bryant continued to express his love of country, and pride for America. Mr. Bryant in that interview elevated himself to the level of other great Americans such as John Wayne and President Ronal Reagan.

As for Mr. Collinsworth and NBC, once again proved how the American news media have no love at all for the nation of their birth. To them, all evil in the world can be traced back to America. The news media in America are nothing but fifth columnist with no love for freedom, capitalism, democracy or anything American. They are a sick bunch.

Here is a link to part of that interview:

Questionable how long the link will last before being taken down.

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