Monday, August 25, 2008

Georgian invaded by barbarians, a brief overview

Georgia was a break-away republic from the old Evil Empire, the Soviet Union around 1990. When Georgia broke away and formed an independent nation, with a democratically elected government, the region of Ossetia (in northern Georgia, on the Russian border) was and is part of the new independent republic. The Ossetians then desired to form their own independent republic separate from Georgia and Russia. Georgia refused and offered them autonomy under the Georgian umbrella. Ossetia refused and established an armed separatist movement.

Just before the 2008 Olympics Georgia launched a military force into Ossetia to defeat the armed separatist movement. Prior to all this Russia issued the people of Ossetia Russian passports, in effect making them Russian citizens. When the Georgian military moved into Ossetia and hostilities began, Ossetians were killed, thus causing the Russians to say they were killing Russian citizens, and the Russian military rolled south into Ossetia and into Georgia, pretending to protect Russian citizens. Which was a cover for the discipline Russian barbarians to murder Georgian citizens, western journalist, and plunder banks.

Prior to this happening Georgia applied for membership into NATO, which was refused by Germany, because the Western Europeans have jell-o for spines. Europe gets 25% of their petroleum, and 40% of their natural gas from Russia. Allowing Georgia into NATO would have upset the barbarians in Moscow and could have caused a cut off of oil and gas to Western Europe. Had Georgia been part of spineless NATO, the Russian bear would have never rolled south into Georgia.

The United States of America (USA) has been trying to get Poland to sign an agreement allowing the USA to install into Poland an anti-missile defense system. Poland was resisting, however after seeing the barbarian invasion of Georgia, the Poles signed the agreement. To which the Russians said they would drop a nuclear bomb on Poland in retaliation. Europe needs to wake up and realize the Russians have designs on Europe. Why would a defensive system upset the Russians if they did not have offensive plans?

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