Monday, August 25, 2008

Texas teachers packing heat

There is a county in north Texas on the Oklahoma, Texas line, with a city named Harrold. The school board in the town of Harrold approved teachers in their school district to be allowed to carry guns. If the teacher has a permit to carry a conceal gun, they can carry a weapon with them while at school. In Texas if one passes a background check, attends call room hours, they can get a permit to carry a concealed handgun.

The school district made this decision because the schools are about 30 minutes from the sheriff's office. If a situation arose, the school district wants their teachers to be able to address the situation immediately without having to wait 30 minutes for the sheriff to arrive.

The day the story broke it was announce on radio. It did not appear in The Dallas Morning News printed edition, but did appear later in the day on their website. While it did appear in print in the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

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Hall Monitor said...

This story made! It's the leader for all the crazy headlines from our schools.