Monday, August 25, 2008

Star Spangled Banner bungle by the Commies at the Olympics

The president of the United States of America, President George Bush traveled to Beijing, China to attend the opening ceremonies at the 2008 Olympics. On his way to China, the President stopped at Seoul, South Korea. Then from there to Bangkok, Thailand. While in Bangkok, President Bush made a statement concerning human rights abuses and suppression of religion in China by the ruling Communist Party.

President Bush then attended the Olympic ceremonies. The ceremonies were stunning and near perfect in their execution. It was a grand display of Chinese engineering and precision. President Bush and his wife were in attendance when gold medalist Michael Phelps won the first gold medal of the 2008 Olympic while also breaking a world record.

When the national anthem of the United States of America, the Star Spangled Banner was played after awarding swimmer Michael Phelps, it started a few music bars into the anthem. Then at the end of the anthem when the crescendo was building, the music stopped before the proper ending.

Some said it was a glitch. Commies were angered when President Bush mentioned their human rights abuses in Thailand, and this was their way of embarrassing the President and the United States. Well it did not work, because neither President Bush, nor the athlete Michael Phelps were offended by this planned glitch.

Here was the link to the video. As of 08/11/08 it has been disabled by either the Communist or YouTube (is there a difference?) to protect their scheme. If it was a legitimate "glitch" then why are they deleting the videos?

The American news media in cooperation with the communist were practically muted.

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