Monday, August 25, 2008

Georgia stuck in the middle of geo politics

Thirty years ago the USA (United States of America) had the capability to read the letters of a license plate in Red Square, Moscow, Soviet Union (Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics). Today technology is admittedly leap years ahead of thirty years ago. Georgia which is an American ally just before the Olympics rolls their military into Ossetia, which caused the Russian massive military to roll south into Ossetia and Georgia. Now how come the USA did not let its ally know about the massive Russian buildup on the border, or did they?

However nothing to fear about the hostilities, because that much accomplished world body of peace, the United Nations (UN) was there to watch, photograph the whole Russian invasion. Why do we even bother with a UN?

There is a photograph illustrating a convoy of Georgian police vehicles heading towards the hostilities with a Russian helicopter hovering menacingly above the road. The scene looked like any American highway during rush hour with what seems to be a traffic helicopter hovering above the police vehicles with the word spelled out in English on the Georgian police cares, "POLICE." That is not even the Georgian alphabet. Perhaps is should have been spelt: "P”ôli:s ?"

The Russians in between looting and robbing banks rounded up weapons used by the Georgians. The weapons look like the Russians looted a museum. One weapon was an 18th century musket and what seems to be a 10th century battle axe. Did the Russians confiscate the weapons from George Washington and Genghis Khan doing battle?

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