Monday, August 25, 2008

Takeshima Dokdo results in headless birds

There are two tiny, itty bitty islands in the Sea of Japan or the East Sea, between South Korea and Japan. Both nations claim these small islands as belonging to them. The South Koreans have occupied these two islands for a number of years now. It has developed into a non violent territorial dispute between the two nations.

The dispute recently intensified when Japan announced it will mention the territorial dispute in the official handbook for the new school curriculum guidelines for social science classes in the middle schools.

As a result of this announcement, South Korea recalled their ambassador from Tokyo. Also a student exchange program between the two nations have been suspended. Plus there were demonstrations in front of the Japanese embassy in South Korea. The demonstrators took pheasants, the national bird of Japan, and slit the heads off while holding them down on Japanese flags. Then threw the headless birds over the walls of the Japanese embassy. This was cruel and senseless to murder these birds just to illustrate a form of protest.

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Satoshi said...

This is some of example of emotionally over-driven Korean people taking too much capsaicin from everyday diet. Poor birds... Japan has been all the time ready to get this issue litigated by the international court of justice. But the historical evidence bears a lot of favor to Japan of the Island's ownership. Then the Koreans, knowing that they are gonna lose, they stubbornly refuses to go to the court with the Japanese. Then Korea's mass hysteria goes on. They pulls this little girl to the camera and make her cry out loud for Takeshima, pleading down to the ground to return it to Korea. They are just crazy people. While most Koreans are ordinary people, the problem of the country is that this ordinary people cannot speak out against someone who is mad and fabricates about the history. We could perhaps ask Judge Judy to arbitrate then?