Monday, August 25, 2008

South Korean President Lee flag at Beijing Olympics

South Korean President Lee and his wife attended an athletic event at the 2008 Beijing Olympic where South Korea was participating. While at the event President Lee realized he did not have a South Korean flag. He asked to borrow two flags from two spectators.

The flags being waived by the President and his wife caused a stir in South Korea. One of the two flags was on the stick it was mounted to, upside down. The red field in the circle representing Yang and Yin, or Yin and Yank, was incorrect. The red representing Yang, which is heaven, belongs on top, while the blue representing Yin, which is earth, belongs on the bottom.

The South Korean Presidential office / residences The House of the Blue Roof Tiles requested the news media either delete the photos or delete in the upside down flag out, because of the embarrassment to the President. If the truth be known, most likely that upside down flag was manufactured in China.

Then on August 15th, 2008, South Korea celebrated its 60 birthday. The nation was an improvised nation 60 years ago, and now enjoys an economic miracle for their hard work these past 60 years. So how did 5,500 South Koreans celebrate in Seoul, South Korea? They participated in their national pastime, their national sport of demonstrating. As usual they were protesting USA beef again, again, again, and again. This crowd while obsessed with hating the USA did so by ignoring the success of their Olympic athletes. At the time of this writing have accomplished 23 medals, ranking them 6th or 7th among Olympic nations. That in itself is a boastful accomplishment ignored by the 5,500 demonstrators.

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