Monday, August 25, 2008

Girly men kidnapped by the Japanese?

On the website Natural published an article dated August 02, 2008 titled "Japanese Whaling Ship Crew Assaults, Kidnaps Anti-whaling Activists."

The article is about the Sea Shepherd of Captain Kangaroo fame, garbage scow named Steve Irwin with cabin boy and the crew of girly men playing pirate on the high seas. It was during the whale hunting season when the garbage scow was harassing the Japanese ship. The girly men claim they were kidnapped by the Japanese.

However videos clearly show the girly men hurling objects at the Japanese ship from a motorized rubber raft. Then the girly men snuck on the Japanese ship Yushin Maru II on the high seas without permission from the Japanese captain or the ships crew. The crew then detained the two girly men law breakers to be released to an Australian custom's ship. The video clearly shows the girly men having a good time while being kidnapped. Must have been the Stockholm syndrome at work.

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