Sunday, February 12, 2012

TOSHIBA my apology

While in Japan I used a Toshiba note book NB255-N250. While there keyboard shortcuts kept activating causing screens to change and typed material to be erased – very annoying. Upon returning to the USA I telephoned their technical support / customer service, thoroughly disappointed with the results causing me to post a video about it:

Here is that vide (should also be posted as a response to this video):

I was not deterred by their lousy customer service and purchased a new Toshiba, this time a laptop and not a notebook, the Toshiba Satellite C655 S5128.

Recently I drove from Texas to Washington, DC. On the way back I spent a few days in Atlanta, Georgia with friends. While using my new laptop the same problem I had with the notebook started with the laptop. Huh? Melissa (Bruce’s wife, the couple I was visiting) told me the problem was my fat thumbs rubbing and gliding across the mouse pad as I was typing. Melissa disabled the mouse pad and I used a USB attached mouse – the problem was gone.

Meaning the problem was not with the notebook or the laptop, it was with me and my fat fingers. So to the Toshiba corporation please accept my apology for the first video: Sumimasen Toshiba and sumimasen Nihon-koku.

Both Toshiba’s working just fine and I love my new, larger Toshiba laptop.

Signed, ----Tony

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