Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sea Shepherd's Erwin Vermeulen, let the truth be told

This video is about a sub-cult group of the cult group Sea Shepherd is called Cove Guardians. Their exhibit purpose stated by their behavior is to harass and intimidate the citizens of Taiji, Japan. This peaceful Japanese village has caught their ire because in Taiji they harvest and transport dolphins.

Taiji is in the Japanese prefecture of Wakayama, Higashimuro District. The governor of this prefecture Yoshinobu Nisaka increased the number of police in Taiji to minimize if not halt the harassment and intimidation wrecked upon the village by the Cove Guardian cultists.

In December of 2011 a Dutch citizen (the Netherlands) part of the Cove Guardians named Erwin Vermeulen was arrested by the police for an assault upon a Taiji fisherman according the Sea Shepherd. According to Sea Shepherd the assault charge is totally false. Sea Shepherd claims the police raided the hotel they were investing and confiscated their cameras and computers. Then a day or two later returned everything, less the SD cards. Meaning Sea Shepherd would be unable to provide video showing Mr. Vermeulen did not assault the fisherman. It is questionable is such a video ever existed.
Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian in Jail

Early in January, 2012 Mr. Vermeulen appeared in court. Per news reports based solely on Sea Shepherd’s news releases the truth was sacrificed. They reported Mr. Vermeulen appeared with long hair, unshaven, and thinner. Claiming he could not get a fair trial in Japan because convection rates are 99%. Basically indicating misconduct on the part of prosecutors in Japan. Also claimed he was not allowed visitors or mail. This video and written below exposes the truth.

SD cards confiscated: Those SD cards are evidence in a police investigation of a crime. A procedure performed by police the world over gathering evidence in a criminal investigation.

Erwin Vermeulen in jail: Bail was attempted to be paid to have Mr. Vermeulen released. It was Mr. Vermeulen who refused to be bailed out. He wants to be another Gandhi in protesting the dolphin activity.

Mr. Vermeulen appeared thinner: If he is imitating Gandhi then it is Mr. Vermeulen who made himself thinner by either fasting or on a hunger strike of some type.

Mr. Vermeulen’s hair is long? Huh? When he was arrested he had long hair. The average hair grows around ½ inch a month. Meaning his already long hair only added around ½ an inch.

No visitors or mail: If he is not allowed visitors then how does Sea Shepherd know his mail is being withheld? Truth is his mail IS NOT being withheld.

Mr. Vermeulen charged with assault was also with trespassing.

Sea Shepherd article critical of Japan’s 99% prosecution rate:

Article sympathetic to Mr. Vermeulen:

Sea Shepherd Captain Kangaroo "Wanted"

Bias article with photograph of Mr. Vermeulen with “long hair” and reference to his looks in court:

Link to article about federal prosecutors in the USA with a 90% convection rate. Does that mean the USA legal system experiences the same prosecutorial misconduct as Japan?


Dave R said...

Let’s also not forget “unshaven”. He was unshaven when he was arrested too.

What makes all this even funnier is that the old glamour shot they’re using on the page pleading for his release also shows him with long hair and a beard!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen a dolphin slaughter Tony? I read somewhere that you went to Tiaji some time last year and I was hoping you might share your experiences with us. I would love to go to Tiaji and witness a dolphin harvest. I don't even want to eat the damn things, I would just enjoy the spectacle of it all. I like to shoot ducks and hunt deer with a gun, but I would love to have a go with one of those dolphin spears for something different.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it you make plenty of assumptions yourself. How much research did YOU do on what your blog is stating? Did you for example go to the Dutch news sites and using google translator find out what the Dutch Government's side of this is and what Vermeulen's family must think of it all?

Your blog is basically doing what the Japanese government is trying to do: cash in on the post-911 feelings on what is and what isn't terrorism. If shoving people is enough to have you arrested than why aren't people who are using the subway and push each other around to get in arrested?

You are what the Japanese would call "Bonkura"

But I doubt you even know what that means.

Unknown said...

Pro-SSCS people and Animal right people are pure racist and pure egoist. they think only own value is right and different custom, Culture and opinion are evil. It is just enough charactor of Racist.

Anonymous said...

What kind of man are you, who posts dozens of films on internet, in an attempt to defend the bloodshed, the torture, the slaughter and killing of thousands of delphins in front of the eyes of little children. and on top of that also agrees to the illegal hunt on wales subsidised by funds, raised for the victems of the tsunami

Anonymous said...

Here he is again the ventriloquist dummy with the terrible accent!! Lol....

Niklas Thomas said...

It is true that he could be released, but he had to admit the allegations. Which he says have not done and which also is no evidence that this really did it.

Anonymous said...

the cult follower is released from Janpans jail....
the cult leader kaptain kangaroo....has not made a press release yet....
thats what a cult follower is worth...hahaha...

Anonymous said...

You sir are a NOBHEAD