Monday, February 13, 2012

Obama won, the Constitution lost

The Obama regime recently decreed through the recently passed Obamacare (national healthcare legislation) that Catholic institutions would to have to pay for birth control, contraceptives, and other medical procedures that run against Catholic doctrine, Catholic teaching.

What happened to “separation of church and state?” To liberals and Democrats that means religion should stay out of the state’s business however the state is allowed to insert itself into church business. What is more amazing is the Catholic Church’s response to this unconstitutional infringement by President Obama (Democrat).

After a national uproar President Obama changed the decree, decreeing the institutions would not have to pay however the health insurance companies will have to pay for the services. Huh? Is it constitutional for a President to tell institutions what services they must provide and pay for? No. Is it constitutional for a President to tell insurance companies what services they must pay for? No. The president has no such authority and violated the Constitution and his oath of office. Is it impeachment time?

What a joke, not with this spineless Congress. The president’s supporters are saying his decrees fall under Obamacare as “preventative care.” Meaning having a baby is a disease to these mindless drones. All Hail his Royal Highness President Barack Obama who did not and does not need to be constrained by the United States Constitution.

Also in the 2008 presidential election, 54% of Catholics who voted, voted for President Barack Obama – Democrat, pro-abortionist.

Daniel Hannon a British member of the European Parliament warns the USA at a CPAC meeting in Washington, DC:

Paul A. Rahe’s column “American Catholicism’s Pact With the Devil:”

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