Sunday, February 19, 2012

Made in China and a soiled tabernacle

I am a Roman Catholic and this video concerns come peculiar happenings at the parish I belong to. The church has a small religious article store in it. Most of the items sold there that are not books are made in China. A crucifix made in China? Catholicism in commie-led China can only be operated through the state in State-approved churches belonging to the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, which does not accept the Pope or Catholicism in Rome, Italy (the Vatican).

With this Catholic suppression in commie-land why are commie religious articles being sold by the very religion being repressed? Makes no sense.

The tabernacle in our church resides in the chapel affixed next to the main sanctuary.  A “tabernacle” in a Catholic church houses the Blessed Sacrament, the Eucharist.  The Eucharist being the body of Christ (after consecration by a priest).   The Tabernacle holds a solemn and holy place among Roman Catholics where we bow to when passing in front of in reverence to Christ. 

People approach the tabernacle, pray in front and touch the right-side with their fingers / hands. Continuing in the same spot to touch this “touching” caused the right side of the tabernacle to be defaced, soiled, smudged, and worn out. Understandable at the early stages of this defacing it must have become noticeable to the point where subsequent people would have realized this activity only contributes to the further decay of this Tabernacle. Nope, they continue to touch and deface while holding the Occupant in reference in the process of defacing His residence.

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