Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sea Shepherd was correct, no fair trial in Japan

The Cove Guardians, a sub group of the cult She Shepherd harasses and infest the good people of Taiji, Japan. The cult attempts to stop and / or shame the good people of Taiji for harvesting dolphins.

In December of 2011 a minion of the Cove Guardians, Erwin Vermeulen was arrested for assaulting a resident of Taiji. Sea Shepherd claims the assault never happened and the arrest was an act of harassment and racism by the Japanese because Mr. Vermeulen is Dutch from the Netherlands. Also they claim it was retaliation because one or two of Sea Shepherd’s rust bucket garbage scows are registered in the Netherlands.
Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian

A communique released by the cult asserted Mr. Vermeulen would not be able to get a fair trial in Japan because he is a foreigner, and because Japanese prosecutors have a conviction rate of 99%. The cult used the success rate and professionalism of Japanese prosecutors as proof a foreigner could not get a fair trial in Japan.

Guess what? The cult was correct; Mr. Vermeulen did not receive a fair trial in Japan. Proof? Japan’s Judge Satoshi Shibayama in the Wakayama District Court released and cleared Mr. Vermeulen of all charges – he is a free man. Yep that certainly was an unfair trial since Mr. Vermeulen was released. As Sea Shepherd feared, a miscarriage of justice in Nihon-koku (Japan).

Mr. Vermeulen was a guest of the Japanese tax payer with a private room for around sixty days. Upon release Mr. Vermeulen headed to Tokyo to have a press conference at the Foreign Correspondents Club. Most normal people upon release would have left the country to venture home. However as it is known, cultist are not “most normal people.”

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How much yen,dollars, commanche wampum, or whale / dolphin meat do the whaling/dolphin-slaughter mobsters pay U for your views that are as "objective" as "research-whaling" is scientific?!?

Whaling for science is like fornicating for virginity...