Friday, February 17, 2012


The Kuril Islands are a chain of islands stretching across the Pacific Ocean from Northern Japan, north of the Japanese island of Hokkaido to the Russian peninsula of Kamchatka. The majority of the islands were considered part of Japan throughout much of prerecorded history.

Kuril Islands, Japan - stolen by Russia
In the 17th century Russia advanced eastward and expressed interest in the island chain. In 1855 the “Treaty of Commerce, Navigation and Delimitation / Shimoda Treaty” was signed between Japan and Russia acknowledging the four southernmost islands of the chain belonging to Japan. Subsequently in 1875 another treaty was signed between the two nations: Japan (Nihon-koku) and Russia (the once “Evil Empire” / Soviet Union). It was the “Treaty of Saint Petersburg / Karafuto-Chishima Kokan Joyaku.”

This treaty acknowledged Japanese dominance over the whole chain of islands from Hokkaido, Japan to Kamchatka, Russia. In return Japan acknowledged Russian dominance over the island of Sakhalin. This treaty remained until August, 1945.

In the closing days of World War Two the Soviet Union (Russia, The Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics – USSR “the Evil Empire”) decided to honor comments made to their allies and entered the War in the Pacific against Japan. The commies invaded the Japanese in Manchuria. Then after the cessation of hostilities the commies occupied and stole the Kuril Islands, specifically the four large islands of the chain just north of Hokkaido, Japan.

There were 17,000 Japanese inhabiting the islands. The commies forced them on boats and shipped them to Japan. Now some sixty-seven years after stealing these islands the Russian thieves (barbarians) are requesting foreign entities come to the islands to help develop them. China (commie-led land) and North Korea (led by lunatic commies) sent workers to assist the Russians.

Now the Russians are requesting Japanese companies come help develop the islands stolen from Japan for the Russians. Huh?

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