Monday, February 13, 2012

Commies in China continue to assault Tibetans

As long as commies continue to behave like rootless murdering thugs I will continue to post videos exposing their crimes. Of course that and this will continue as long as there is at least one country dominated by Communist, because the nature of communism is rooted in murdering gangster behavior.
Continually over the past month numerous news articles reporting Buddhist monks and nuns in Tibet setting themselves on fire, self-immolation. The commies in China over fifty years ago rolled into Tibet to crush the Tibetan spirit, culture, religion, and language. The commies have been a miserable failure at this even with their numerous acts of murder and wrongful imprisonment. The Buddhist and people of Tibet remain strong and refuse to allow gangster monsters crush their heritage.

Recent headlines concerning Tibet appearing in The Dallas Morning News:

“3 Tibetan monks set selves afire in protest”- 10 January 2012
“Protests spread to 2nd town in Tibet” - 25 January 2012
“Police fire on Tibetan protesters, killing 1” - 28 January 2012
“3 set selves on fire in protest against China” - 05 February 2012

Recently The Middle Kingdom, Commie-led China, in Tibet, the town of Zu To Bharma Shang (Barma Township in Dzamtang County), a young Tibetan named Tharpa posted flyers around town reading,

"You, Communist Chinese, come and arrest me,” and he signed his name.

The commies went to Tharpa’s home to arrest him, a crowd gathered to protect him, the police fired live rounds of bullets into the crowd wounding many, killing one, a close friend of Tharpa named Urgyen, aged 20 of Poethartsang (family) from Shoenta village, Barma Township, Dzamtang County. Urgen and Tharpa were schoolmates. Urgen is now dead murdered by the commies and Tharpa is in a commie jail cell.

Tharpa’s crime: He posted flyers!

Urgen’s cimre: He was a friend to Tharpa.

Communism = pure evil.

Tharpa’s murdered friend Urgyen:

Video link about Tharpa, the jailed Tibetan (video has no sound):

Link to Tibetan issue video:

Articles related to Tharpa and his murdered friend:

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